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Aymée Beiter

Choreographer and Instructor

After a fitness challenge of my own, the journey and belief from my coach and others gave me the courage to move in the fitness arena. I have always loved dancing and have had the opportunity to be a part of 2 dance companies in the Dominican Republic and dance professionally with many international artists. Dance came before walking, I started Ballet by the age of 2 and have continued.  It is my first love and I believe the foundation of all the dances out there.  

Here's the thing, it is not just dancing though it is teaching to those that either love to dance and have never had the opportunity to do so... to see their faces, excitement of being able to accomplish these dances, to know that during their wedding/event this will make many smile and touch people’s hearts, these different opportunities are absolutely priceless. 

I love the fact that I can make a difference in someone's life whether in the dancing arena or in the fitness side. I love to hear my Zumba students tell me they've been trying to lose weight for years and finally have lost xx amount of pounds, that when they walk out of the bathroom they look at themselves and can see a difference. I love to hear my brides or the guests that have participated in the flash mobs how it just got the party started, how memorable and exciting it was during their special day, but most importantly I enjoy hearing my students loving the journey of learning and getting excited about their accomplishments.  WAO!!! That is what it's all about :)

Margie K. Day, N.D.

Nutritionist and Naturopathic Doctor

Pure Radiance®, Inc. was founded by Margie K. Day, N.D., in July 1995 with the goal to enlighten and educate people about the importance of purifying our bodies and reducing the amount of toxins we take in everyday.  At the time Margie was a single mother of three children and formulating skin care products for dermatologist and plastic surgeons.  

Through careful study and research, Margie has found that the three most important things to maintaining a healthy metabolism, keeping life functions working at optimum potential, and looking and feeling your best are:

1) Efficient Oxygen Replenishment

2) Optimal Hydration

3) Less Intake and Greater Removal of Toxins.

After years of work, Margie has developed a line of all natural products to facilitate oxygenation and hydration, as well as aid in the removal of toxins, W.E.T.® (Enhanced Water).  Margie K. Day, N.D. is an author of "Your Face, Revealing the Hidden Secrets to Radiant Health", which helps one understand how the skin can communicate what is going on inside the body.  She combines her knowledge of nutrition and skin care to provide each one of her clients with spectacular results.

Heather Katzenmeier, MS, ATC
Athletic Trainer and Consultant

Heather is a 2004 graduate of Kansas State University where she completed her Bachelor's in Athletic Training and Kinesiology.  She then worked as a graduate assistant in athletic training while completing her Master's in Sports Administration at Eastern Illinois University.  

After working as an assistant athletic trainer at Eastern Illinois with the women's volleyball and basketball teams for two years, she was hired as an assistant athletic trainer for the UCLA women's soccer, swim and dive teams.  During her time at UCLA, her teams competed in the Pac-10 championships and the women's soccer team competed in the Final Four.  She also served as the supervisor for the UCLA sports medicine internship program.  She worked the 2011 USA diving championships in Los Angeles, CA.  

Heather currently works as an athletic trainer focusing on corrective exercises in the clinical setting in Oklahoma City, OK, where she has been for nearly 2 years.  She is a member of the National Athletic Trainers Association and certified with the Board of Certification.

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