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Quotes My husband and I won a half off prize at a bridal show with Engage 2 Dance and are so happy we did! Aymee was great to work with tailoring the routine to fit our style perfectly. As a couple during the stress of wedding planning it was a great way to blow off steam and enjoy dancing together for the practices. I have had family and friends tell us they thought the dance was so much fun and wish they had done something similar. It made our special day even more unique to us and something that we will treasure for a lifetime! Thank you to Engage 2 Dance for giving us both the confidence and the choreography to dance our hearts out on our wedding day! We recommend this to any couple who enjoys tailoring their wedding to fit their own unique style and usher in a lot of fun! Quotes
Mrs. Jennifer Haddaway
Satisfied Bride

Quotes "Having never attended a dance class in my life, I was apprehensive about taking on the challenge of learning a choreographed group dance to do as a surprise for a wedding reception. Aymee was a great teacher and helped us each step of the way. She was extremely patient with our varied abilities and schedules, and provided us with constant encouragement. She is a talented, kind and enthusiastic person, which makes each session with her an enjoyable experience." Quotes
Dance and Zumba student

Quotes I was searching for a special someone to help a group of us middle aged but enthusiastic ladies find and teach a fun dance to surprise our dear friend at her daughters wedding! That's when I met Aymee and she was absolutely perfect to rally all 6 of us and teach the movements and find the correct music for this special occasion! She encouraged us when we were doubtful and taught us in a way that we could all, not only participate, but succeed in a great dance routine where we had a blast!! An occasion we will always remember as a highlight and the bridal family loved it too!! I recommend you all trying this for yourself, you won't be sorry but very happy!! We love Aymee! Quotes
Mary Jane
Dancing Queen Organizer

Quotes After my yearly physical I realized I needed to do something to help lose weight & lower my cholesterol. I tried Zumba with Aymee as the instructor. Aymee is great, she makes it fun to exercise & the class time just seems to fly by, but the best part is I get a great workout. After 4 months my cholesterol was 32 points lower & I've lost 17 lbs. & I have so much more energy. Thanks Aymee! Quotes
Loving Zumba

Quotes I am in my sixties and have been taking zumba lessons for two years and with other instructors. Then I was invited to an Engage2Dance class and loved everything, the style of Zumba (wow the first dance a warm up and I was feeling every muscle), really great instructor, and so much fun. I love the class. After 3 weeks after all these years I even lost weight, and now I am feeling inches going away and more pounds. I feel really good, too. My last physical a week ago more weight loss and all my labs were great. Thank you. Quotes
Zumba Student

Quotes If you know you need to improve your health and would like to see immediate results....you have to try Aymee's class! In less than 5 months, I have lost almost 20 lbs and 2 dress sizes. At age 50, I am almost back down to the size I was 10 years ago. My only regret is waiting to do it!!! Yes, I have changed my eating habits....especially portion control. However, i don't deprive myself of any one food, and exercising along with it allows me to "have my cake and eat it too". I have been on countless diets over the years....but being active....not so much. However, this class is different, and the results keep me coming back. Aymee works my tail off, and I know I've had a good workout! However, I have the option of modifying what I put into it whenever I want.. Aymee is a great instructor, and the class is awesome! It's not a competitive environment at all....instead....it's a comfortable place to relieve some stress and strengthen your body! Quotes
Getting Fit at 50

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